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A Tactical Mecha Tabletop RPG



99 years ago, Earth's Moon cracked open, releasing a torrent of monsters we call Wyrms. They devastated our cities and transformed the planet's dying ecosystem. We called this great collapse The Awakening.

Wyrms weren't the only things awoken; a mysterious stone known as Betyl was discovered. These crystals could generate near-limitless energy simply by resonating with living creatures. With this mankind built great and terrible new machines; the Mobile Engagement Chasses (MECs).

Once these titanic steel warriors were all that stood between mankind and extinction... But much time has passed, and now the last bastions of humanity have begun to turn these weapons on themselves.

Will you guide mankind to a bright future? Or witness its downfall first hand?

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Tactical turn-based combat meets indie print-and-play design sensibilities in this unique tabletop system. Some key features include:

  • D6 Only Dice System that are easy to acquire and allow players and GMs to dynamically adjust difficulty and bonuses.

  • The innovative and kinetic Synergy mechanic, which grants bonus energy to fellow players as you succeed in combat.

  • Easy to Customize MECs that allow for a variety of builds, while keeping stats and abilities simple and universal for effortless management.

  • Emphasis on Print-And-Play as well as Print-And-Hack materials.

  • An evocative sci-fi setting with a variety of biomes, plenty of roll tables, and a healthy helping of anime bombast.

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