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"Don't forget, Pilots can check out the latest MEC Series' Models and parts from the MEC Catalog!"

Beta Playtest Materials

Mobile Engagement Chassis: Steel Hearts is still a work in progress! However, the Science Team has put together a Beta Playtest Guide that'll let you jump right into the action. It's packed with 3 MEC Series to pick parts from and an exciting Hydra Hunt to challenge new Pilots!


Be sure to let us know any feedback you have on this early build!

0.3 Coming Soon

**Note: Version 0.3 is on it's way! All Direct Download MEC Sheets, Pilot Sheets, etx are up to date with this version and the rules can be gleaned from their reference. However, while 0.3 is still in development you're welcome to use the 0.1 Rules as a point of reference and advice:

**Tension is a new mechanic available in ver 0.5 that allows the GM to add time pressure against players. More info soon...

Reel Robot Fishing

Reel Robot Fishing is a game of patience, vulnerability and giant robots for 2+ Players. It's intended as a companion mini-game for Steel Hearts that adds a fully bespoke fishing mechanic. That said, the system can be played on its own or easily adjusted for play with your favorite Mecha TTRPG.


"Piloting a MEC is about more than just the weapons we make for you. Nurturing the Synergy between you and your team is just as important."

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