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"Did you know Steel Hearts is totally free? As long as you have an account, grab a community copy on us!"

Steel Hearts [Ver. Zero]

The time has finally come! Steel Hearts is officially feature complete, and available on to download! Including the full MEC Shop with over 175+ Parts between 32 Classes!

Just remember that this is [Ver. Zero] so there's not as much GM content and there's probably plenty of typos... Hmmm... I'll have Korolev look at those later...

Reel Robot Fishing

Reel Robot Fishing is a game of patience, vulnerability and giant robots for 2+ Players. It's intended as a companion mini-game for Steel Hearts that adds a fully bespoke fishing mechanic. That said, the system can be played on its own or easily adjusted for play with your favorite Mecha TTRPG.


"Piloting a MEC is about more than just the weapons we make for you. Nurturing the Synergy between you and your team is just as important."

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