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Elemental Detonations (Version 0.2 Preview)

Elemental bonuses feel like an integral part of tactical combat in Steel Hearts, however they've never quite hit the way they should. Weaknesses can be satisfying to punish, but difficult to keep track of. Meanwhile Strengths feel like nuisances rather than a flavorful moment of panic. So Elemental bonuses are getting a complete makeover in Ver. 0.2, namely in the form of Elemental Detonations!

Elemental Weaknesses and Strengths have been eliminated in their entirety. Now enemy units are instead immune to certain Status Effects (and occasionally get buffs when hit by other Status Effects). All other Status Effects now work as the basis for an Elemental Detonation. If you Attack an opponent with the Element matching the Status Effect they're effected by, you'll do an additional +2 Stat Dice worth of DMG. That's it. Clean, simple, crunchy, yet incredibly powerful when a team synergizes together (or panic inducing when that team picks the wrong Element to focus on during a given mission).

Another major change is happening to the Corroding Status Effect. To keep Corroding more in line with Burning and Freezing's tone of being a set-up for a tactical knockdown, Corroding has been changed to simply nullify a unit's Soak and Shields. This can be devastating, especially against shielded MEC opponents. Charged may be getting a similar treatment at some point...

Hopefully these changes and a few other tweaks will help Steel Hearts combat feel more tactical while keeping turns speedy. Ver. 0.2 is still on the horizon, so stay tuned for more previews and info!

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